Track Record

Coming out of a fantastic 2008/2009 movie season for Cape Town, Deon Joubert and Danie Sandenbergh of The Good Guys would like to congratulate the production companies that brought Cape Town and South Africa so much work.

We really appreciate the opportunities that you guys have created for us all in the movie industry!

The Good Guys have been fortunate to work on some of the biggest car commercials ever shot in South Africa this year- The Hummer job for Gatehouse and the Rexona Job for Moonlighting.  We enjoyed every minute of it and we are pleased that our clients were happy and that the commercials were completed without any damage to the cars under our care. Despite some hectic driving shots in both commercials.

This season saw us build 2 Formula One Lookalikes for the BBC, we were able to produce the cars on time for a limited budget enabling the production to go ahead.

The Good Guys aim to please and we achieve our goals again and again.

Our motto is on time delivery with the cars, fast and safe driving.

The Good Guys are three time Driving Champion Deon Joubert and stunt driver Danie Sandenbergh. Together they have 30 years of experience in the movie industry and innumerable contacts within the motor industry.

Make them your first point of call for any aspect of a car shoot.

Says Deon” We love the movie industry, it is challenging and interesting. We are interested in cars above all else and we specialize only in cars for commercials and features. We are not interested in other aspects of the industry.

Therefore we leave the Producing, Directing etc. up to those whose field of expertise that is. We have good relationships with all the grips and art people without whose expertise a commercial could not be completed”.

We believe in teamwork and together with the other “worker bees” we deliver what the director and client want.

Please give Deon or Danie a call for advice or a quote for your next car job.